Explosion by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLAOD
  DESCRIPTION Dan Alex has a new effect of stage mentalism. The mentalist invites a person to choose a balloon, he is to examine your... More

iShape by Ilyas Seisov - Video DOWNLOAD
DESCRIPTION Cool and modern mentalism effect. Draw a shape on a screen of a smartphone without touching. Easy to do Very practical... More

At the Table Live Lecture Anton James November 4th 2015 video DOWNLOAD
  DESCRIPTION Anton James took his act "The Naked Mentalist" from concept to performing for hundreds of... More

Bicycle Mental Photography Deck with DVD Original

CODE: 0651

In stock
A deck is shown to be completely blank on both sides. Without switching the deck, it becomes a real, full color deck. Make spectators... More

Dual Reality Hypnosis by Jonathan Royle - Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
SECRETS OF "DUAL REALITY" HYPNOSIS (We Expose The Shocking Real World Secret's Of The World's Leading Comedy Stage & Street Hypnotist's, NLP,... More

Mentally HYPnosis

CODE: 0182

In stock
An introduction to mentalism and hypnosis with Paul Carpenter and he will get you started by guiding you through the basics of mentalism and hypnosis and... More

Million Dollar Book Test

CODE: 0490

In stock
You are provided with two books, one mystery novel and one self-help book. A spectator selects a book, turns to any random page, and picks... More

Mind Bender

CODE: 0115

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Learn the most practical spoon bending routine on the market plus two other impressive impromptu street routines. Effects on this DVD include The... More

Mind Reading Pencils

CODE: 0431

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A chosen pencils is placed in a container without the magician seeing. The magician then names the color of pencil that was placed in the... More

Mind Stuff

CODE: 0138

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Paul Hallas has a gift. He calls himself an “alternative psychological entertainer”. Watch as Hallas mesmerizes his audiences... More