Holiday Illusions by Paul Osborne
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This collection of 22 illusion plans taken from the pages of Genii Magazine and themed to the holiday season is a great resource for the performer who... More

Zig Zag Illusion Plans by Illusion Systems
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One of the most popular plans for builders and collectors. You know the effect, she  shoes  in the cabinet, two solid metal blades are inserted... More

30 Tricks & Tips-SleightofHand

CODE: 6435E

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30 Tricks & Tips-SleightofHand More

Bicycle Purple Deck

CODE: 0654

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Designed by Magic Makers, Inc. & printed by US Playing Co. The purple deck has stunning full bleed faces and brilliant court cards... More

Building Your Own Illusions, The Complete Video Course by Gerry Frenette (6 DVD Set)- DVD
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First TIME in MAGIC history! No professional builder has ever shared his SECRET techniques... UNTIL NOW!   This 6 DVD set is a complete... More

Color Deception- Brass

CODE: 0409

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Color Deception is a terrific little mystery. And, it truly defies detection. Two black and white poker chips (the size of half dollars) are shown front... More

Extreme Change

CODE: 6497

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Extreme Change - Special Gimmicks Included Extreme is exactly what happens in your hands when you perform this effect. Take an... More

Floating Table Pro w/ Aluminum Case
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A solid table that can be used during the show to hold props, begins to rise under your command. It floats and moves in a most mysterious manner defying... More

Giant Cups & Balls- Brass

CODE: 0428

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These giants stand 4 inches tall and have a 3.75 inch opening big enough to fit fruit! Each set comes with 4 red crochet balls made to rest perfectly on... More

Hand Illusions

CODE: 0183

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Learn amazing hand illusions that will astonish your audience! Join Eddy Ray as he takes you through the world of sleight of hand with... More